The interaction and the coordination between the partners will be favored by the organization of yearly plenary meetings, organized alternatively in Aix-en-Provence and Avignon that will bring together all the project members. These meetings will typically last 2 or 3 days. One part of the meeting will consist of talks given by project members or external guests presenting their most recent developments in the area of fraud detection in public procurement. Significant slots will be devoted to presentations given by post-doc or Ph.D. student with the double objective of developing their presentation skills and of obtaining valuable feedback on their work. The rest of the meeting will consist of working sessions where the project members will spread in groups working on a specific problem related to the project. The closing session of the meeting will consist of a summary of the ideas exchanged in the working groups; it will also define the research agenda of the project for the following year. These meetings will be followed by a short written report presenting the current advancement of the project, the ongoing research actions and the future expected development. In addition to these yearly plenary meetings, individual visits of participants will be encouraged. A web-page will be created and maintained regularly by the project coordinator in order to keep track of the project advancement.

  • Leader: P.-H. Morand
  • Deliverables: project Web page, reports following the yearly project meetings.