Detecting corruption in public procurement

The massive opening of public data encompasses significant economic and societal importance. This is especially true for public procurement data, which is currently available and holds the hope of discovering and combating the widespread phenomena of fraud and corruption that unfortunately plague it. By shedding light on critical information and developing tools to enhance legal effectiveness, DeCoMap combines Computer Science, Economics, and Law. Its aim is to collect, process, and analyze French public procurement data in order to develop automatic detection tools for corruption and fraud risks. Additionally, it seeks to propose a normative analysis framework that highlights the main risk factors, which lawmakers should identify, and on which regulatory authorities should focus their attention.

Supported by Transparency International France and the Open Contracting Partnership, DeCoMaP brings together 10 professors and researchers from 7 universities specializing in public procurement law, data law, economic and econometric analysis of public markets, economic analysis of law, graph optimization, and complex network analysis and extraction. The consortium is complemented by 4 members of Datactivist, a cooperative company specialized in Open Data and deeply involved in opening up public procurement data.

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